Lets answer your questions

We regard digital communication as an essential 21st century educational tool. Kids quote entire scenes from 3D movies because they identify so strongly with characters. In the same way, they will identify with educational characters and remember content from educational 3D videos.

By combining educational values with fun, we will mitigate distraction. Our 3D videos are created in conjunction with the top educators, so that every 3D video is designed to be 80% educational, 10% fun and 10% immersive.

Teachers will play an educational 3D video at the start of a lesson and use it as a springboard to get key concepts across. Teachers may refer back to the 3D video to reinforce certain elements. Learners also have the benefit of re-watching the 3D video at any time to refresh or reinforce concepts.

Generation Z is adept at multi-tasking across multiple devices. From early childhood, children are watching animated videos, playing games, interacting socially and sourcing information – simultaneously! Incorporating these technologies into their daily learning environment is a logical evolution of an existing trend that it will encourage new ideas and collaboration.

In our research phase we engaged with learners, across the world. They all perceived Aliens as way cleverer and advanced than humans and therefore in an ideal position to teach us!

That is the beauty of animation. The Aliens we have created are not associated with any race and can speak any language on earth.

The last 40 years has seen tremendous technological advances, yet none of has been employed in education. One thing has not changed though, is humankind’s need for stories. Stories are an excellent way to engage learners, enhance creative thinking and explain complex subjects in an understandable manner.

Our content will be downloadable via an App on any device. Our focus is to make it mobile friendly so that it is accessible anywhere in the world regardless your social status.

Definitely not! Animation will never replace human interaction. We love teachers and our goal is to collaborate with them and make their educational content engaging. We provide it as an additional learning resource.

Our 3D videos are more than just a lesson. They are beautifully crafted, visually stimulating movies with characters with whom you can identify.

We love learners of all ages. Oh yes, we love adults too, you’re never too old to learn!

Grade 11 is the hardest year for learners as it contains the foundational concepts for Grade 12. Therefore, it presents teachers with their greatest challenge. By overcoming this challenge, we are preventing further challenges in Grade 12.